Lecturing activities

I have had teaching responsibilities for a range of modules at The Interaction Design Centre at both taught masters and undergraduate level. My lecturing responsibilities include teaching Interaction Design, Programming (particularly using the Processing language), and CSCW.

Below is an example of a project some Masters students have completed in a module led by Dr. Giuseppe Torre and I. Dr. Torre was in charge of teaching the students the Max/MSP and logic elements, and my responsibility was teaching Processing. This video was edited by Rianne Links, Laurie Skelton, and Dominic Perera and produced by Laura Maye (me!).

Teaching assistant activities

As teaching assistant, I have helped and guided students in learning qualitative methodologies and approaches commonly adopted in HCI (including User Centred Design. Participatory Design, Ethnography), programming (java) and web development (HTML, CSS, javascript, SQL, .NET and python).